In 1999 Kwai Fong had a dream, a dream of stones and carving stones. Following the path of that dream, and having no formal training, he found himself enrolled in a beginning stone carving class.

With that knowledge in hand, the rest of this training has been self taught. Through this process, he has learned much about his own spirit and carving stone. Kwai Fong has also found his passion to be on a never ending journey.

Using the direct carving technique, Kwai Fong allows both the spirit and the energy of the stone to emerge and shape the final piece. This creates stylized, abstract pieces which reflect both his inner soul's spirit and his dreams.

Born and raised in Hawaii, he now resides in Santa Barbara. His studio is located close to the beach and open to a tree lined creek. This setting allows nature and the Aloha spirit to continue permeating his life and work. His works are held in private collections and he is represented by Corridan Gallery:

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Corridan Gallery Santa Barbara